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Research and Publications

Martin Pidd has a long history of research and publishing papers in Osteopathic medicine. Among other conditions he has indicated explanations for the development and treatment of the following: scoliosis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, hip and knee pain and wear.

After completing his first two degrees, Martin Pidd worked in the civil service for a short time, being involved in Health and Safety.

Martin studied at the British School of Osteopathy from the mid-1980's, qualifying in 1989. Since then, apart from his research and editing roles, he has been very keen to keep up with all the latest research and developments in all forms of medicine and science, being a regular attendee at lectures and conferences at The Royal Society, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University College London Hospital, The Royal Free, Imperial College, Wellington Hospital, The British Medical Association House in Bloomsbury, the London Osteopathic Society as well as various conferences around the world. Conferences have concerned health care issues such as cardiology, obesity and exercise, and has involved international travel to Japan, Prague, Barcelona, Budapest and Finland.

Martin has also published details of how joints work, the relationship with the local muscles and how they are linked via the nervous system, a review of the impact of smoking in the developed world highlighting the millions who will die due to smoking-related diseases, how osteopathy has been used to treat the unusual development of scars after injury and the reasons why Osteopathy should become a profession located directly within the NHS and why osteopaths should do as many osteopaths have done in the USA and rejoin orthodox medicine as doctors of osteopathy.

Publications and Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

  • “The relationship of osteopathy to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and to the metabolism of prostacyclin, osteoblasts and chondroblasts”
    M. Pidd. BOJ vol 1V, 1990
  • “The role of hip the hip adductors in reflecting hip problems to the knee”
    M. Pidd. BOJ, vol V.II, 1990
  • “The reflexogenic relationships between the joint capsule and surrounding muscles in the hip, knee, shoulder and apophyseal joints”
    M. Pidd. BOJ, vol VII, 1990

Editing Journals

Martin edited The British Osteopathic Journal, the leading osteopathic journal in the UK, for several years.

Osteopathic authorities

Martin sat as a board member of the OAGB, the osteopathic Association of Great Britain, the forerunner to the BOA (British Osteopathic Association), the counterpart to the BMA.