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After my stroke I found it very difficult to look after myself in the home or to walk any distance, especially to the shops.
As a result of your expert osteopathic treatment I am so much better: I can walk to the shops to collect my groceries, and walk back, I can clean the flat and I can cook so I can look after myself. Thank you so much.


You have done wonders for me. It Isn't just the osteopathic treatment that works and improves my general condition so much, but you also have healing qualities which have sucan amazing effect on me.

Years ago, after injury, I developed kypho-scoliosis, for which I was told there was no cure. With much skill and patience Martin has worked not only on my spine but on my elbows hands and feet, and now I am straight and a lot better. Many thanks.

Martin Pidd's treatment has made a vast improvement to my chronic back pain which was sustained playing rugby. My whole body benefits from his treatment and during my time with Martin I have gained a better posture and awareness of my body-shape. His technique is thorough and excellent and I always leave the clinic feeling like a new man!

Following a bad accident, involving a compound fracture of the ankle (which had to be fixated with a plate and seven screws!), I found that walking could be painful and, in particular, the whole ankle joint would sometimes suffer a spasmodic "seize up", leaving me virtually immobile until it slowly recovered. Nothing seemed to help and painkillers just masked the symptoms. I found that your treatment resulted in a marked improvement in mobility, right from the start, and subsequent sessions have improved the flexibility and overall function to the point that what once appeared to be an intractable problem now scarcely troubles me at all. I can't think of any other treatment which could have been as effective as your (literally) "hands on" approach. Thank you very much!
MW, Hampstead, London